Friday, June 20, 2014

dave, court & sally visit

Dave, Courtney and Sally came to visit us in Hawaii! they came out at the end of April/beginning of May and stayed with us for a couple weeks. The first couple nights they had a hotel on Waikiki, and so we got to go and stay with them there a night (so fun!) and explore the strip and the beach there. Then the rest of the time we were on the north shore. We did lots of fun going to the temple/visitors center, lots of beach days, surfing, snorkeling, and hiking Waimea Valley. We hadn't seen our niece Sally since she was 3 weeks old (she was 10 months on this visit) and Dave and Court hadn't met our Simon. We LOVED having these guys here!

 (we tried to take a picture of the cousins...they were very wiggly)
Simon: 4 months, Sally: 10 months

5 months

  • Simon has been experimenting a lot with his voice. He makes the funniest high noises and even does some funny little grumbles.
  • he just started finding his feet right before he hit 5 months! I always though it was so cute when babies would hold onto their feet, so this was exciting for me!
  • rolls onto his belly very easily now...but still does not like being on his tummy for too long. i wouldn't be surprised if he is super late in learning to crawl.
  • loves to be on his feet though! if you stand him up, he gets excited and will even walk with you (i support most of his weight of course).
  • has learned to grab things and is constantly reaching for items now! once he gets a hold of it though it goes straight to his mouth.
  • he gets very anxious right before he eats, once he knows it's time he starts getting very fussy very quickly!
  • he has been biting me a lot while he eats....not fun at all (and he's not teething that I can tell)
  • loves to grab onto your skin, especially my face and neck.
  • he often charges luke and I with an open mouth when we are holding him, like he is going to eat our faces, shoulders or hands.
  • has been swimming in the ocean with us (when the water is extra warm). he doesn't really smile much but he splashes around.
  • he also has overactive legs. he loves to kick!