Friday, October 26, 2012

dental radiology.

yayyy!! i got my dental radiology license today! i completed the course and passed the test and can officially take dental x-rays all day long if i so desire:)

Sunday, October 14, 2012

date night.

just yesterday we had a super fun date night! we were stoked because luke works friday and saturday nights a lot, and so we don't always get to do stuff. we started out the evening by going to an argentine restaurant, so luke could have a little taste of some things from my mission! and next door to the restaurant was a little store where they sell food from argentina. i was lovin it! i saw a whole bunch of different things i used to buy at the grocery stores. i kept wanting to buy stuff, but we settled with just a few treats for after dinner.

 chicken empanada, so yummy!

 and then "milanesa a la napoletana"
a thin piece of breaded beef, fried, then you got ham, cheese and salsa (which is like spaghetti sauce) on top. one of my favorite dishes. YUMMM!
then afterwards we went and saw BRAVE at the dollar theater (we've been waiting for it to hit the dollar theater, so we were super excited).

 when we got home, we found four raccoons just hanging out on our roof. 
this is luke watching them from our bathroom window. we've heard raccoons can be pretty feisty, so we decided to watch from a safe distance.
 if you look closely, you can see one of the raccoons making his way down the stairs. his eye is glowing. he was staring at me.

and then we of course had to have alfajores, another argentine treat.
 Three cookies with dulce de leche inbetween each cookie, and then the whole outside is covered in chocolate. 

Saturday, October 13, 2012


 ok. so i finished this trilogy just a couple of weeks ago, and it was awesome! it's called MISTBORN,
and the author is BRANDON SANDERSON. if you like fantasy (like Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings), then you will seriously love these books! i did. i'm not a fan of the covers, so DON'T judge them just by looking at them. they can be misleading.

soooo, MISTBORN is about this crew of underground theives that come together to overthrow the empire; which just happens to be ruled be an immortal god.

there is a "mood trailer" which i guess means they are trying to get it looked at to make it into a movie, so the movie trailer says this about the story....

"a thief with hidden powers, meets a survivor with a secret that will threaten an empire. when evil rules the world, the thieves must take it back."


i also read this book (by the same author) and i loved it as well! it says it's sci-fi but i would say fantasy. super good! this one is about two kingdoms that are on the brink of war. One king is forced to send one his daughters to the other kingdom to marry the God King, in hopes of forming an alliance. things are not as they seem though! this book is full of surprises! and i couldn't put it down. again, weird cover, don't judge.