Friday, January 25, 2013


tyler and sarah davis came down to visit this last weekend! sarah is 6 1/2 months pregnant, and this was the first time i have seen her during her pregnancy! can't believe it! naturally, sarah and tyler wanted to go to the beach, so we went down to laguna to explore a little and relax on the beach. then in the evening we roasted s'mores and played games. we had a lot of fun!

we had to

Sunday, January 20, 2013

luna de miel. (honeymoon).

we found our pictures! we put our honeymoon pictures on luke's external hard drive and then we couldn't find it! then this last week we found it! we are aware that our honeymoon was almost 8 months ago, but we wanted to share our fun adventure!
so...luke planned the honeymoon and wouldn't tell me where we were going! it turned out we went on a 7-day cruise to Mexico, where we got to explore the fun beaches, go parasailing in cabo, do some zip-lining in puerto vallarta, and even got to use our Spanish skills and become friends with some of the locals! They kept asking Luke and I where we were from, and kept saying we didn't sound like Americans (they were just being nice). they kept saying i sounded like an Argentine:)
After our fun cruise, we hit up six flags for a of couple days. we both love roller coasters so it was a blast!


our little room

 we ate a lot of ice cream. every day.

luke wanted to eat at the restaurant they had...he loved that place

complimentary robage! 
going on land. we were super excited.

our cruise boat

getting higher and higher.

 parasailing baby! it wasn't scary. and it wasn't windy up there.

yes, that is the boat that is pulling us.

hanging out on deck

saying good-bye to cabo
on land in puerto vallarta
 going up to the jungle in puerto vallarta.

 our little friend. he tried to bite me

 we weren't allowed to bring our camera zip-lining, so this is afterwards and we were super sweaty because it was soooo humid!

 the trip back wasn't as warm. i was bundled up in my cacoon on deck
 the food was delicioso!

look at that sandwich! freshly made just for meeeee!
 cool towel creations

 a very windy round of miniature golf on deck

 time for six flags!
 emo shot. waiting for the ride