Sunday, April 27, 2014

facers visit




the highlight of snorkeling was definitely the sea turtle


 (turned around and realized everyone else was taking a picture of the sunset as well)

 the water was so pretty, it was very blue!

 3 generations

Luke's parents, Mark and Mindy, plus Beave (Luke's youngest brother) came during their spring break to visit last week. They stayed with us but were pretty much gone all day everyday doing activities! We weren't able to do everything with them (things are harder with a baby) but we did do some super fun activities with them. The Mitchells from back home were also here vacationing, so we did a lot of the activities together.

We went to Pearl Harbor, which is a super interesting place! I felt like I learned a lot. We did the headphone tour and also took a boat over to the USS Arizona Memorial. Simon was having a hard time napping, so he was a little we didn't get to go through everything, but we still did quite a bit! Afterwards we went to Ala Moana Beach  and Luke and I did some tandem surfing! It was a very very far paddle but we caught several really fun waves! The next day I was feeling a little sore and ended up getting a little sick as well, so I just rested the next couple of days; plus, going all day will a baby takes a lot out of ya.

Another day we went to Hanauma Bay and snorkeled! It was so cool. We found a sea turtle and followed him for a while, but there were also some very beautifully colored fish...and some very big ones too! We then headed over to Waikiki to surf. I didn't end up surfing because Simon was hungry and by the time he was done nursing the sun was going down. next time though i'll get out there! It was very pretty though and our first time ever to Waikiki. The water was very pretty and I guess it is also warmer than the North Shore (where we live).  

It was fun to spend time with the Facers, we love it when people come to visit us!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

simon's blessing

(Rowen Chamberlin and Simon are a month apart)

Simon was blessed on April 13, 2014. We decided to wait til Luke's parents came out, and we were hoping that Simon would be better behaved if we waited longer (he has always had a rough time at church). Everything went well! Simon fell asleep in Grandma's arms and then woke up just a few minutes before it was time to bless him. Luke did a great job! His blessing was short and sweet. and he didn't cry! of course he had a blowout right before sacrament meeting ended, so we didn't get a picture of him in his blessing clothes...but luckily i had a backup onesie in the diaper bag for him:) 

We had some of our friends in the circle as well, but they had to go to their own wards, so they aren't in the pictures. The Mitchells were also visiting on vacation from our ward back home so they were able to come as well! We had Luke, Grandpa Facer, Danny Chamberlin and President Chamblerlin (also visiting from home), Brian Mitchell, Trenton McCullough, Dave Zant and Bishop Hancock in the circle!

Monday, April 7, 2014

3 months

some highlights:
  • Laughed for the first time on March 30th (12 weeks old). he has been doing little laughs for a while, but never a full laugh. it was the cutest thing! he has only done it a couple times since, we keep trying to get him to do it again though!
  • loves to stand while you hold him. he gets all smiley when you put him on his feet
  • does not like tummy time! he can last a few minutes if i read a quick book to him, but does not like to be put on the ground or left alone for more than a couple minutes! 
  • he likes books! he sits still and looks at the pictures while i read to him at least:)
  • loves the toys that hang above him in his crib. he is always staring at them and will follow them with his eyes when i move them
  • such a good sleeper! he will usually sleep 7-8 hours and sometimes even 9 hours straight at night! he has also become a great napper as well. he usually will go to sleep without fussing...we just swaddle him and put him in his crib, we often hear him talking to himself until he falls asleep...but he doesn't cry too often!
  • he likes his changing table for some reason. we can always get lots of smiles when we are changing his diaper.
  • he seems to be liking the bath less. he has recently started crying sometimes in the tub, so hopefully that doesn't last.
  • he started singing with us when we are singing him to sleep. he stares at you for a while and then joins in. seriously makes my heart melt.
  • his hair is getting red! and getting lighter as well...looks more red in pictures, but we'll see what color it turns out to be in the end.
  • he is pretty good at cuddling (he has gotten much more snuggly this last month).
Month 3 has definitely been the best month so far! the beginning was a little rough just because Simon was going through a growth spurt that lasted a little more than a week! so he was fussy and not sleeping as well just for that little while. But since than we have gotten him on a schedule of roughly up for 2 hours and down for 2 hours. He usually gets tired at about 1 hour and 45 minutes of being awake, and starts talking complaining talking (but it is actually really cute).

Since Simon has been on this schedule, he seems so much happier!! It took me a while to figure out, but after doing some research I came to find that babies can only be awake for shorts amounts of time. But I love the time that i have with Simon when he is awake. We often don't get enough of him while he is awake! The hard part about this schedule is when we go to costco or other places that are an hour away....i always end up nursing him in the car for an hour at some point...and he hasn't been as good about taking naps in his car seat...and he isn't quite as happy when he doesn't get enough sleep. But he is totally worth it! we love Simon so much!