Tuesday, March 25, 2014

2 months

 (this is what usually happens when i start taking pictures)

2 month highlights:
  • this little boy loves to talk! right after he eats we started propping him up against our knees so that he is facing us and we have little conversations with him. they last about 10 minutes before he starts getting fussy again. But they are my favorite part of the day! he does lots of smiles and makes lots of noises! but you have to talk to him, he doesn't usually just talk on his own.
  • not super stoked on the pacifier, it sometimes works but we have stopped using it as much because he doesn't always take it.
  • he is mr. wiggles during burping time. when he takes the bottle (which we were using for a few weeks) we burp him after every ounce, and he is super wiggly!
  • simon is an awesome sleeper! he is sleeping one stretch of 6-7 hours a night on an almost regular basis and even did 8 hours a couple times!
  • he still likes the stroller (or at least most the time he likes it) and will often take naps in it.
  • does not like being left to sit or lay by himself for very long (usually a couple minutes is all i can get). he wants to be held!
  • this guy is a marathon eater... he usually nurses anywhere from 40-60 minutes! and he eats every 2.5 - 3 hours (so we hang out on the couch a lot)!
  • his hair sometimes looks like it has a reddish tint to it, we'll see if it changes
  • likes to be held up on the shoulder 
  • he is mellow when he is in the tub, but as soon as we take him out he starts crying! and cries the whole time we are dressing him:)
  • started sleeping in his own room! we moved his crib into the second room at around 7 weeks (i think) and he has been doing just fine!
the second month was much better than the first! Simon still fusses often, but we have been able to figure out why he is fussing (most the time)! when he takes a bottle we burp him after every ounce, and that seems to help with his stomach aches a lot! also, simon fusses when he is getting tired, so we have been able to pick up on that and help him get to sleep (which isn't always easy)! 

but i really love being a mother! the first month was so rough just because simon was so fussy! he still fusses, but much less than before, and that has made a huge difference! And sleeping hasn't been too bad for me. i definitely have days where i am tired, but simon is better than most babies about sleeping during the night...so that has been a huge blessing. but the best part about motherhood is the smiles simon gives us. i can be super frustrated with him and then he will smile at me and i can't help but just forget how mad i was. it is seriously the best! it's still not easy, but he seems to be getting happier and happier as he gets older! and that makes things much easier for me!

Brestfeeding. oh man. the never ending story for me... i was pumping for several weeks, as well as nursing, but i was not getting better; in fact, i was getting worse. i went to a lactation consultant and they basically told me that simon needed to have his tongue clipped (he had already had it clipped twice- but by someone who apparently wasn't doing enough). So we have now had his tongue clipped three times, and still no improvement. the third time the doctor did a good job, but i just think simon has gotten used to the way he has been eating. So i have been nursing with a nipple shield so that it is not so painful for me and have stopped pumping for now. i am just grateful i am able to nurse! but it was seriously 2 months of running around to different doctors and lactation specialists, getting referrals and trial and error! So many times i just wanted to give up, but i am still going!