Wednesday, February 13, 2013


i'm going to put some thoughts down....
so luke has been ever so patiently waiting for me to finish school in California so that he can transfer to BYU. He would have transfered when i got back from my mission, but decided to stay and date me...then we got married and had to put it off again...but we are finally ready to move on; the only question is....where? and it's SO HARD to decide!!
Luke applied to both BYU Hawaii and Provo, he has been accepted to Hawaii and we are still waiting to hear back from Provo. I will be very surprised if he doesn't get into provo because the boy is smart, works hard, and has good grades (practically perfect in every way - though i may be a bit biased).
Luke wants to eventually go to dental school, so he would be majoring in biology or something along those lines. honestly, we are leaning a little towards the Hawaii side right now and are kind of hoping not to get into provo....making our decision easy. but if we do get in... it will be a decision made with lots of prayer, and wherever we go, it will be because the Lord wants us there.

so this is what has been going through my head the last month or so....

"Provo is a fun place. we have lots of friends in provo. correction: used to have lots of friends in provo. darn.
going to visit family wouldn't be a big deal because it's not that far away. not as far as hawaii atleast.
dave and courtney are there. we could be near them! our kids could grow up really close! kissing cousins!
But it's cold. a lot. i hate the cold. i did it once, i could do it again.
i only did it for a year and a half last time could be three years! i don't know if i could handle that.
driving in the snow terrifies me. i wouldn't ever leave the house! that's ridiculous, of course i would....but what happens if it is snowing and i have to drive to work???!!!
luke doesn't like utah. it gets so dry and he gets bloody noses all the time.
he would miss the ocean.... really really miss it. and surfing is his realease. it helps him focus and get back on track. so that means hawaii would be good than right??
but doesn't hawaii have lots of sharks?
or maybe just some places in hawaii have sharks?
plus provo classes are HUGE and it's so competetive. would luke really get the attention he needed
from his teachers?
so luke would be in smaller classes and maybe he would do better in hawaii.
but hawaii is expensive.
it's cheaper housing than california housing. but the food is supposedly expensive.
we wouldn't be able to take our pretty new things from our wedding if we go to hawaii. no pots and pans, no bed, or pillows, no furniture, no iorning board or pretty pictures from our wedding, no trashca or decorative pillows, no bosch:(
wait. .....maybe i could take a few things. but there goes the hope of buying a sewing machine...we wouldn't buy one in hawaii because we'd have to leave it there....
what about our car? would we sell it? it's not worth it to ship it over...
but roxy and skee say people are always selling their stuff for dirt cheap if they are moving back to the main we could just buy their stuff....
material things don't really matter that much. right?
what if one of my siblings gets married? could we come home for the wedding?
Laie is so small, would i be able to still work as a dental assistant?
but it would be warm.
i hate being cold.
and luke would love uninfested shark waters of course. maybe i would get really good at surfing! and stay tan! oh boy!
it's so pretty there.
what about having kids? baby born in hawaii? or baby born in utah?
hawaii has a kaiser. utah doesn't.
Utah is cheaper. i could probably find a dental assistant job there!
utah is a safer choice. not a lot of risk or sacrifice involved (except for the cold).
but would we look back and wish we would have chosen hawaii? it's only for a little time in the whole scheme of things. where would luke excel most?"