Thursday, May 15, 2014

4 months

12 lbs 11 oz, 25.5 in
  • started laughing a lot more! it is so fun to get him laughing!
  • he LOVES to chew on his fists... always has his hands up by his face. He does like to hold your finger, and then he immediately pulls it towards his mouth, sometimes he gets your finger in his mouth, other times he just gets his fist with your finger inside.
  • he is a little slobber monster... lots of baby drool.
  • he is still a talker! but he has his quiet days too. He usually smiles at people though, i love it!
  • started using his hands! We have this little book that is soft and crinkles, and he started reaching out for it...he kind of flings his arms out in front to grab it. he isn't very good at it yet, but it has begun!
  • can roll over from his stomach to his back! he is getting better at tummy time, he lasts a little longer at least.
  • discovered his legs and now loves to kick kick kick!
  • now likes the bath! well, usually...he started to kick in the tub and now gets a big smile on his face whenever he is splashing! it is pretty fun
  • usually sleeps through the night, 7-8 hours...with maybe a couple 9 hour nights
  • now wants to be rocked to sleep...our sleep training kinda went out the window while we had luke's parents here, we were out and about, so he got used to falling asleep in peoples arms i think. so we will be working on that once again. the good thing is he is now a little better at falling asleep in the car, which he was pretty bad at except for the first month.
  • he LOVES being sung to! when we are in the car and he starts to get fussy and won't take the pacifier, i start singing primary songs and he immediately takes the pacifier and calms down...if i stop... he starts crying again. 
  • his hair is getting less red now...still waiting to see what color it ends up being.
  • also, still nurses for about an hour every time.