Monday, November 18, 2013

maternity shots

the other day my friend emma asked if she could take some pictures of me with her film camera. so naturally i said yes:) they turned out really cool! and i love them! they are very "filmesque" (pretty sure just made that up) with lots of light leaks and stuff. but here are some of my favorites! (33 weeks pregnant)

thanks again emma!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

weeks 27-32

32 weeks (today)

 31 weeks (just woke up from a nap)
(This is also 31 weeks)

30 weeks

29 weeks

28 weeks

27 weeks

 the ultrasounds are from when i was 28 weeks and 2 days
 this one looks like he is throwing us a "shaka" with his hand



 face profile

today i am 32 weeks! 2 months and this baby will be here! luke and i both think he is going to be about a week late. my mom was 2 weeks late with her first, and i am having a very similar pregnancy to hers. but here is what is new:

  • 28 weeks:

-i took the glucose test. this is where they test you for gestational diabetes. you can't eat past midnight, and then you go in the next morning and drink this super sugary orange drink, wait and hour, and then they draw your blood. it wasn't too bad! i was expecting the drink to be disgusting, but it's just sugary, and it's only about 2 cups. but while i was drinking it the nurse told me that a lot of women get queasy or throw up. so that kind of freaked me out. but i ended up being fine, no queasiness or vomiting, and i passed (just barely).

-we finally had our big ultrasound check-up! so, normally around 18-20 weeks you have this big long check-up where they do an ultrasound and check basically every inch of the baby. they make sure all the organs are there and that they are functioning properly. this is also the appointment where they usually tell you if you are having a boy or a girl. BUT, since we left california when i was at 17 weeks, and then we had to figure out what we were doing with insurance and everything....i didn't see a doctor from 17 weeks - 27 weeks! so this appointment was done for us at 28 weeks, much later than normal. but it was awesome! they confirmed that we were indeed having a boy. and we got to just sit and watch him on the big monitor for about an hour while they checked him out. the coolest part was seeing his face. the pictures we got don't do it justice, but i couldn't believe we were looking at his face! but everything is going well, the doctor said he was a good size and healthy!
  • baby is moving MORE! he has definitely become more active the past few weeks, which is normal. he likes to push his feet against my right side A LOT, so i often have this little bulge coming out my right side. but i still love feeling him move. it can be uncomfortable because he will push pretty hard sometimes, but its not very often...but it just surprises me how strong he is! every once in a while he will have a super mellow day where i hardly feel him at all. but i have noticed that if i watch i can see him move, i just can't feel it because they are smaller movements. its the best part of being pregnant though. also the movements that were uncomfortable, i no longer have those. it must of been when he would kick lower, but now his head is usually down and so i think that made the difference. 
  • He gets the hiccups all the time! they are totally different then what i originally thought they were. they aren't painful, it's just a little bump every couple seconds. but sometimes they go on for 5 minutes or so. and if they continue for a while he will sometimes start to move he doesn't like them.
  • i don't really get acid reflux anymore, i had it really bad a few times around 27 and 28 weeks, but now i rarely get it and it isn't very strong. YAY!
  • i am becoming more tired again. i have only taken a nap once, but mostly i just start falling asleep a little earlier and notice that my energy drains quickly if i am active (i have been swimming more and walking). 
  • if i walk quickly i get a side cramp. it's only this one little spot, but it's pretty silly. i don't get it from swimming though...only walking.
  • I have gained about 9 pounds total so far. at 28/29 weeks i had only gained 6, so i am starting to put them on a little quicker now. also, the doctor said my belly is measuring a little small. every time i have a check-up, they take a measuring tape and measure from top to bottom to see how big your uterus is, and at 29 weeks my doctor said i was 27 cm, but i have no idea what most people are. 
  • this is kind of embarrassing, but i have peed my pants a couple of times...yesterday, and also a few weeks ago. this is what happens...i have to go to the bathroom, and on my way over i sneeze! and sneezing for some reason causes me to lose control of my muscles down there just long enough to get things damp. i think it's pretty funny actually. it's just not something you want to have happen when you are out of the house!
  • Braxton Hicks. i have only noticed these a few times. these are kinda like contractions, some people notice them and others don't. what it is is my stomach just gets really hard for a few seconds and tightens. it doesn't hurt, and i usually don't feel it happening, i have just noticed my stomach is hard and then 10 seconds later it's back to normal.
  • i am slightly anemic. so, even though i take my prenatal vitamins and they have iron in them, i am a little on the low side. the doctor said its pretty normal to have low iron when you are pregnant, i just need to eat more red meat and more leafy vegetables (like spinach).
  • it's still hard getting out of bed. it's pretty funny. you really start to lose your abdominal muscles and theres not much you can do about it. luke will sometimes give me a little push when i am sitting up and just laughs:)


(struggling to bend backwards with my big pregnant belly)

halloween was simple this year. we weren't very good at preparing a costume so we kind of just looked in our closets and threw together whatever we had. so we were nerds! We went to a party for TVA (Temple View Apartments - this is the on-campus married housing at BYU Hawaii) which is where luke works. and then on halloween night we went with some friends to a party for married couples. but we are excited to be able to dress up our little one next year though and maybe even go trick or treating:)!