Friday, February 7, 2014

1 month

happy one month to this little boy!

some highlights:

  • calms down almost immediately to white noise (but that doesn't last forever)
  • loves looking at things of high contrast, like black and white stripes
  • takes both a bottle and a pacifier!
  • falls asleep in his car seat on trips every time (unless he is hungry)!
  • loves to go for walks in his stroller and often falls asleep in his stroller as well
  • started smiling at about 3 weeks 
  • loves to push off with his legs and is quite strong!
  • makes lots of noises when he sucks on his pacifier, and just makes a lot of noise in general
  • always furrows his brow
  • seems to like the bath, but can only take it for a little while
  • loves taking medicine! he seriously gobbles it down (maybe this means he'll be a good eater)!
  • usually goes 3-4 hours between feedings
  • sleeps pretty well at night...usually at least one long stretch of about 4-5 hours, and recently we have been able to just lay him in his bed and he is able to fall asleep on his own at night. (he even did a 6 hour stretch and a 7 hour stretch the last 2 nights...but that was after he hit the month mark)!!
  • he has been so fussy, so we have been trying new things (we think its from gas and also being tired - we're new parents just trying to figure things out)! But I usually can't set him down if he is awake; we are constantly changing positions....bouncing, dancing, swinging, patting, walking, sitting, name it - constant!
  • smiles a lot when we talk to him and tries to talk back
  • loves it when dad spins him around in a circle or lifts him up high

We can't believe Simon is already a month old! It's crazy how much we love him! The first month was a little rough. The first week Simon was soooo good! He was just so mellow, which was great because I was very weak the first couple days home, and then I got the that week was rough for me! My parents came for about 10 days, and luke's mom came for a week, so that was such a huge help having them here!

The times that we haven't had help have been rough because Simon has not been happy. He has not been able to breastfeed properly because of a tongue issue (tight frenulum), so I have been ridiculously sore and have had to pump half the time to give myself a break. But Simon seems to be swallowing a lot of air when he eats (partly because of the tongue issue i'm guessing), so he has been gassy; poor guy! It took us a while to figure this out though, so for the first while we just thought he was just fussy and needed to be constantly doing something! And to be honest, we are not entirely sure, but we have been burping him a lot during feedings to help get more bubbles out, and so far it seems to be helping! Also, i'm trying to pay attention to his tired cues, because I think sometimes he is just tired and needs to nap, and I am just not picking up on that! (i'm a new mom, i don't know what i'm doing...just trying to read everything i can and am figuring things out).

When this little boy is happy though he sure is a joy to be around! mothers with colicky babies sure have my respect though! When you are alone all day with a fussy baby it definitely takes a toll on you emotionally. And it makes me so sad to see him upset and not be able to know how to help him! You can't help but love him though! It's a different kind of love, not one in which you give and receive love back like you do with your spouse...this is a giving, not getting back, selfless love! Sometimes i just look at Simon and feel so grateful that he is healthy and that his little body is functioning properly! The other day I was just watching as his pupils were dilating with every blink, and couldn't help but feel so much gratitude and amazement that my body made this little body! and that it works! such a miracle!