Thursday, September 4, 2014

7 months

i am writing this the day before simon turns 8 i am a little behind! but here is what simon was up to at 7 months...

  • simon can sit up all by himself!
  • he scoots around, usually only uses his left leg to push.
  • has TWO bottom teeth! the first one, we didn't even notice coming in, but the second one seemed to bother him a little more.
  • i think his favorite food might be bananas. he does not like green veggies, but i sneak them into the fruit.
  • he reaches for Luke and I now, like if i am holding him, he will turn around in my arms and reach for his daddy.
  • still likes it when you sing to him. and he often reaches up and touches my face/mouth while I'm singing him to sleep. 
  • loves bath time and the water in general! when we take him to the beach he gets really excited when i get close to the water. he starts kicking his legs and sometimes makes little noises until i let him dip his toes in.
  • still wants to hold everything! he will grab anything close to him. he is quick too! so you really have to watch your food if he is sitting on your lap at the table. 
  • he still loves going for walks, which is great for me. we usually go on several a day.
  • is finally nursing for less time!! like 20-30 minutes now usually. he still will have a long one every once in a while though.

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