Thursday, October 16, 2014

9 months

16 lbs 10 oz (5%)
26.5 inches
  • simon is gaining some weight but has not really grown in height...possibly has my genes...we are late bloomers in the height department.
  • has 3 teeth, with another on the way it looks like
  • simon is very wiggly. bath time is becoming very difficult because he is constantly trying to stand up, flip over, sit up, or is reaching for something! crazy kid! but he still loves the water
  • simon has taken an interest in the electrical outlets...he sees me plugging and unplugging fans constantly and will try and crawl over to them to do the same thing. YIKES. we put in the little outlet protectors.
  • his favorite thing is the fan in his room. i don't get it. he always crawls over to it and uses it to stand up. always. he often falls doing that too.
  • says "dadadadada," "mamamama," and "wawawawa"
  • loves other little kids (always tries to grab their faces), but is usually hesitant with adults.
  • makes lots of funny faces. 
  • loves opening and closing doors.
  • obsessed with our sandals. if we accidentally leave them out, he charges for them! this is bad because we smash cockroaches with out sandals, so we have to put them in a special place so simon can't get to them.
  • he likes to kiss the mirror when he sees himself. at least that is what we think he is doing, open mouth slobbery kisses.
  • and still dances with his trademark head shake. haha. its so funny!
  • spit ups are finally very rare! yay! they have been dying down for a couple months now, but he used to spit up all the time. he still drools though.
  • simon has learned how to flip over in the stroller and stand up while we are moving. he is just practicing his balancing skills right??
  • he is really good at pulling himself up and can stand on his own for a couple seconds...and walks while holding on to things.
  • and has decided he no longer likes nursing, but prefers a bottle:( (this happened about a week after he turned 9 months old, so i haven't nursed for about 3 days now)

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